Steeple Run Homeowners' Association
P.O. Box 1350
Crystal Lake, IL 60039-1350

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SRHA Board Of Directors

Arlanda Brantley**        Vice-President
Janice Hudson**          Treasurer
Steve Kadish*              President
Herb LeBlanc*                
Karen Malcolm**          Assistant Secretary
Jill Peterson*                Secretary
Bret Williams*


** serving until January 2022
*   serving until January 2023
SRHA Committees
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Bret Williams
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Ron Donohoe
Landscaping - *Herb LeBlanc                  
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Bret Wiliams
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Ron DOnohoe
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* Denotes Committee Chairperson
ATTENTION: Those seeking Architectural Control Compliance and
Dues Assessment Satisfaction letters for real estate closings

Please don't confuse Steeple Run Estates in Crystal Lake, McHenry
County, IL with Steeple Run subdivisions in other Chicago suburbs.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing your request.  To ensure that
there is adequate time to correct any violations and bring the property into
compliance, it is recommended that you request this letter as soon as the
offer is accepted and the sale moves toward closing.

We are a volunteer organization and the members involved may be
unavailable on short notice because of business trips and vacations.  
A rapid turnaround cannot be guaranteed and the closing may be