JANUARY 12, 2019
Date Updated
In Attendance: Board Members Janice Hudson, Steve Kadish, Herb LeBlanc, Linda LeBlanc,
Karen Malcolm, Jill Peterson and Crystal Senyshyn.

Absent Board Members: Arlanda Brantley, Brooke Ziolo.

Residents in Attendance: Ron Donohoe, Jon Hudson, Ashley Huotari, Kim and John Mazur
(and children), Joe O’Malley, Jim Schlough, Ron Seymour (Alt, Alvey, Annen, Bachir, Brantley,
Buthod, Harfst, Hensley, Kirchberg, Klendworth, LeBeau, Leudo, Llanes, Maier, Markovich,
McBreen, Pierce, Rankin, Ricchiuto, Rodewald, Sosnowski, Wallis, Watkins, Weissmann,
Young, and Ziolo by proxy).

Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order by Acting Board Chairperson Steve Kadish at 1:08 p.m.  

Introductions were made by the board directors and members.  

Treasurer’s Report:
None.  Brooke and Janice will meet at the bank next Saturday to update the signatory on
record and start the turnover process.

Architectural Committee Report:

Communications Committee Report:
This committee is responsible for maintaining the Member Directory and welcoming new
residents with vital information about Steeple Run, including the Covenants and our website,
and assist with local information if they are new to the area.

This committee also organized the Neighborhood Block Party held in July.

The Secretary has been busy distributing the minutes, newsletters and notices to the member
households, primarily via email.  Minutes are approved by the board before they are
distributed in a timely manner rather than waiting until the next quarterly meeting for approval
and distribution.  The second quarter newsletter has been delayed, awaiting the Treasurer’s
Report.  The Secretary updated the website over 40 times in 2018.

Landscaping Committee Report:
2018 saw improvements to the Smith Road entrance.  Joe O’Malley updated the monument
lettering with a gold foil, providing better visibility under a variety of weather conditions and
after dark.

The lighting was also improved; the old flood lights were replaced with LED floods; the broken
photocells were replaced and the non-functioning low voltage lighting and transformers were
removed.  Jill Peterson was responsible for obtaining quotes for the board to approve and
was able to save the homeowners’ $1800-2700.

Linda LeBlanc replaced the dead arbor vitae near the Smith entrance monument on the west
side of Smith Rd.

Herb LeBlanc is obtaining quotes to replace the original wood fencing installed in 1988 with
anodized aluminum.  To eliminate the risk of impalement, the fence will not have spikes or
projections along the top edge.

Preferred Contractor Report:
The Arrow Septic offer will be repeated this Spring; watch your Inbox and the website for more

Compliance Committee Report:
The primary function of the board is to make sure everyone is in reasonable compliance with
our Covenants.  Non-compliance has caused some friction as well as some opportunities for
conversations.  Having a clear protocol has helped to know how to report and how to handle
issues that have been reported.  

In 2018, good progress was made with grass cutting issues along Crystal Lake Avenue.  The
berms are part of the homeowners’ lots and therefore their responsibility to maintain.  Steeple
Run has no community property; easements exist around the entrance monuments.

Since tall grass also violates McHenry County ordinances, it was suggested that we let the
County handle enforcement.  We will continue to work with homeowners before reporting non-
compliance to the County.

The Compliance Committee would like Steeple Run homeowners to submit any concerns
about compliance issues in writing to Crystal Senyshyn at 3809 Church Hill.

The possible violation will be considered and the Board will decide on a course of action
according to the protocol in the current Covenants.  There will be a written response, noting
the course of action.

Board of Directors Election:
The Board of Directors consists of 5-9 directors with staggered 2-year terms.  This year there
are 5 open positions to fill.  Terms are ending today for Steve Kadish, Herb
LeBlanc, Linda LeBlanc, Brooke Ziolo and Jill Peterson (who was appointed in April to finish
Kirk Hensley’s term).  There were no nominations from the residents attending. Steve, Herb,
Linda and Jill will serve until January 2021.

Old Business:
Letters will be sent to the Township Road District concerning an unsafe drain cover and the
turn lane signage at the Crystal Lake and Smith entrance. Trimming the lower tree branches
may increase sightlines and visibility. Meanwhile, drive defensively as you leave the
subdivision through that entrance.

New Business:
Ashley Huotari asked for clarification of electing officers at the board meeting following the
Annual meeting, questioning the Bylaws which specify that there must be a President, Vice
President, Secretary and Treasurer. She made the point that all the Covenants and Bylaws
should be followed.  

For the last 6 years, we have had a named Treasurer and Secretary; no one has volunteered
for the other two roles, so the board has been functionally fluid and all the duties and
responsibilities have been covered by all the board members. Each takes a turn running a
meeting; the entire board communicates on every issue and is well-versed in the
responsibilities and is available to respond to residents, rather than have narrowly defined

Ron Donohoe thanked the Board for all the work they do on a volunteer basis.  Ron has
served as a director and knows how much time that is involved.

Ron Rodewald submitted a question with his Proxy.  He is concerned about the condition of
our roads and thought that we were due for a resurfacing soon.  The Board will try to find the

John Mazur questioned whether Hardie board was allowed. Although it is not specifically
mentioned in the Covenants (it hadn’t been available when they were written), the board has
in the past approved its use on a case-by-case basis.  Changes to the exterior of our homes
need to be approved by the Architectural Control Committee and the full board before work is
done; the necessary form is available on the website.

Ron Seymour asked if solar panels were allowed in Steeple Run.  They are not specifically
prohibited but as an exterior alteration, placement must be approved by the Architectural
Control Committee and the full board before work commences.  Again, the needed form can
be printed from the website.

Kim Mazur asked if above ground pools were an issue in 2018.  They were not and we are
prepared if it becomes a non-compliance issue in 2019.

Jim Schlough introduced himself as a member of the Architectural Control Committee, along
with Herb LeBlanc and Dave Malcolm.  Requests for exterior changes should be submitted to
one of these residents.

Next Meeting:
The next SRHA Board meeting will be held immediately following the Annual meeting in this
same Algonquin Township Office meeting room. All residents are welcome and encouraged to

A motion to adjourn was made by Herb at 2:09 p.m., seconded by Steve.  Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Jill Peterson
SRHA Secretary