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In attendance: Arlanda Brantley, Janice Hudson, Steve Kadish, Herb LeBlanc, Karen Malcolm, Jill
Peterson and Crystal Senyshyn.

Call to Order:
Meeting was called to order by Acting Board Chairperson Steve Kadish at 7:15 p.m.  and a quorum was

Approval of Minutes:
Approval of the June 25, 2019 Board meeting minutes was made via email and the minutes distributed
to residents on June 30th.

Treasurer’s Report:
As of August 20, the dues assessment remains unpaid for only one member household.  The grace
period has elapsed, and the owners notified in early August.  Certified letters will be mailed outlining the
amount due which now includes a late fee and interest.  If the invoice remains in arrears, a lien may be
placed on the property and the homeowner of record at the time of the assessment additionally will be
responsible for the cost of collection and any reasonable attorney fees (Article Seven 7.03, 7.04, 7.10
and 7.11).

The 1Q Report (as of July 31 and posted on our website), General Ledger and Bank Statement were
reviewed.  Jill motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Steve seconded.  Motion passed.

June and July expenses were discussed and approved by the Board.  

Architectural Committee Report:
A request for an inground pool at 4018 Steeple Run was conditionally approved by the Board, provided
that the homeowner obtains the necessary McHenry County building permits and inspections.  Herb will
follow-up on the building permit.

Communications Committee Report:
Karen shared the form to be signed by new residents which acknowledges receipt of the Covenants.

Jill noted that website statistics indicated that 21 new visitors viewed our website in the week of August
6-11, up 95% from the previous week.

Compliance Committee Report:
After personal visits, two issues of non-compliance were resolved, and owners’ understanding and
adhering to the Covenants is appreciated by all.

Reminders: Detention basins must be free of plantings and the grass kept mowed to under 8” in height
(Article Four - 4.12, 4.13 and 4.15).

Trailers, campers/RVs and boats are not allowed to be parked in driveways. Please direct questions to
the Compliance Committee (Article 4.09).

Landscaping Committee Report:
No progress has been made with our 2 sign requests at the township level.  Mr. Gasser sent our
request to correct a dangerous situation at the Smith entrance to the County.  After examining the
street sign at Steeple Run and the western end of Church Hill, the township determined that the street
sign would not be moved to the opposite corner and instead the tree should be trimmed to improve

A resident requested that we consider placing benches along our streets for walkers to rest; the request
was shelved after discussion since we have no common property along the roadways on which to place

Preferred Contractor Report:
There are currently no Preferred Contractor offers.  Herb will contact Arrow Septic to arrange dates for
discounted septic tank pump outs. He will request Saturday October 5 and 12; the confirmed dates will
be available on the website and an email with the offer will be emailed to member households on record.

Old Business:
Estimates for replacing the dry-rotted wood fencing at the Smith entrance were not obtained before the
meeting and will be distributed to Board members via email.

Jill will cut out the dead wood in the Smith entrance barberry shrubs and will request the township pick
them up.

An estimate for mulching the four monument areas will be requested from Gomboy.

New Business:
Signs for garage sales, home sales, parties, etc., should be removed promptly.  Permission should
always be obtained from the neighbor homeowner before placing a sign on a neighbor’s property.

Next Meeting:
The next SRHA Board meeting will be held Tuesday November 12, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. at 3709 Church

Herb will request a Saturday January 18, 2020 reservation at the Algonquin Township office for our
Annual Meeting. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

A motion to adjourn was made by Steve at 9:06 p.m., seconded by Crystal.  Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,
Jill Peterson, SRHA Secretary