as of 12/31/2019
** Our Fiscal Year runs from June 1 through May 31.
ARCHIVED TREASURERS' REPORTS  (click for printable PDF file or jpg)     *

2nd Quarter Nov 2005

2nd Quarter Nov 2006
3rd Quarter Mar 2007
4th Quarter May 2007

1st Quarter  Aug 2007
2nd Quarter Nov 2007
3rd Quarter March 2008
.4th Quarter June 2008

1st Quarter Aug 2008
2nd Quarter 12/31/08
3rd Quarter 02/28/09
.4th Quarter 05/31/09

1st Quarter 08/31/09
2nd Quarter 11/30/09
3rd Quarter 02/28/10
4th Quarter 05/31/10
1st Quarter 08/31/10
2nd Quarter 11/30/10
mid 3rd Quarter 01/22/11
3rd Quarter 02/28/11
4th Quarter 05/31/11

1st Quarter 08/31/11
2nd Quarter 11/30/11
4th Quarter 05/31/12

1st Quarter 08/31/12
2nd Quarter 11/30/12

1st Quarter 08/31/13
2nd Quarter 11/30/13

2nd Quarter Jan 2015
mid-3rd quarter Dec 31 2015

mid-1st Quarter 08/04/16

Mid-3rd Quarter 01/21/17

1st Quarter 09/02/17
2nd Quarter 12/06/17
3rd Quarter 03/13/18
Mid 4th Quarter 05/15/18
4th Quarter 05/31/18

1st Quarter 09/11/18
2nd Quarter 11/30/18.
3rd Quarter 03/26/19
4th Quarter 06/25/19

Mid-1st Quarter 07/31/19
Mid-2nd Quarter 11/12/19
Mid-3rd Quarter 12/1/2019
Page updated 01/21/2020
ATTENTION Realtors and Para-legals seeking Architectural Control Compliance and
Dues Assessment Satisfaction letters for real estate closings

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.  To ensure that there is adequate time to correct any
violations and bring the property into compliance, it is recommended that you request this letter
as soon as the offer is accepted and the sale moves towards closing.  We are a volunteer
organization and the members involved may be unavailable because of business trips or
vacations.  A rapid turnaround cannot be guaranteed and the closing may be delayed.

Our Covenants can be printed from our Downloads page for the new homeowners.